Our people work with our brands in different areas of expertise and share our passion for sports in their professional and private lives. Our People Strategy highlights Resource Fluidity which is a key requirement of our business development. Enhancing internal talent mobility is a key initiative and increases job opportunities worldwide.



Patrick Schmidt, Human Resources Director APAC

Location: Shanghai, China

Amer Sports offered me the opportunity to take on a new role as HR Director for Asia Pacific with the main objective to drive the implementation of the region’s business strategy from the people perspective and to coordinate and give HR guidance to APAC countries: China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Australia.

My new role allows me to truly impact the business, learn and use my experience. The new business environment is also exciting: China continues to be fast paced, growing and offering great opportunities for Amer Sports. Previously, I was working as HR Manager in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Go-to-Market organization.

I am glad to work for a company that offers opportunities to grow and learn and to directly contribute to our business success. I see HR as the key enabler and driver of a healthy organization at every level. Moving inside the company and changing perspective helps me to be more effective in my job.


Kati Ahvonen, Senior Manager, Digital Solutions

Location:  Helsinki, Finland (team based in Annecy, France)

I got a chance to take on an exciting role as a Senior Manager, Digital Programs. Previously, I worked as a Product Manager at Suunto.

Along with the new job, I was able to expand my competence and the scope of my role to cover exploring user needs, new product and solution concepts, and associated digital technologies and their use. My current job also allows me to challenge myself as I need to bring new ideas to the organization, question the existing way of thinking and doing things and enter an area that is new, not only to the company, but also to myself.

Having a background from one of the Amer Sports brands helped me to adopt my new role because our people share the same passion for sports and the drive to get things done in every Amer Sports unit despite of the location.

Even though taking an entirely new role was a challenge, I have always thought that I’d rather regret something I did than something I didn’t do. We’re all capable of achieving so much more than what we might think at first. All it takes is an environment, where you are given trust and opportunities to move forward. No new journey is ever a smooth one but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be worth the ride!


Josh Horoshok, Marketing Plan Director Apparel and Gear

Location: Annecy, France

I previously worked as Global Consumer & Channel Marketing Director at Arc’teryx in Canada but I knew that taking the next step in my career meant that I was going to have to look for a new perspective and gain experience from another brand. I had always wanted to try out a career in Europe to develop my skills so I decided to apply internally for the position of Marketing Plan Director Apparel & Gear at Salomon and was offered the chance to move within Amer Sports.

My new role challenges me to develop new skills to influence cross-functional teams that support multiple categories. It’s a unique challenge, but one that I look forward to.

At Amer Sports, personal goals are defined for all employees and when internal career opportunities come up, it is easy to discuss them with your manager, HR, and the recruiting team. For me, it is important to have clear goals and objectives and not be afraid to say them out loud. Throughout my career at Amer Sports, I’ve been lucky to have supportive people to give me honest advice, have my back, and be happy to see me succeed.

Moving to Europe from Canada was a big cultural shift and adjusting to the cultural differences has made the transition an interesting experience. Luckily, I made friends at the office quickly and was able to ask questions about the everyday dos and don’ts in France. Overall, my new colleagues made the transition really smooth and comfortable and I can’t thank the management enough at both Arc’teryx and Salomon for the easy transition period.