Why work at Amer Sports

Supporting people’s professional growth

We ensure capability development by identifying development needs based on our company vision, strategy and people priorities.

Capability building is implemented by strategy reviews, discussions and exploration of development options and outcomes are captured in capability building plans which enable climate for both organizational and personal growth.

We drive capability development for various professional backgrounds through learning and knowledge-sharing culture in which employees are proactive towards to their development. Amer Sports leaders lead by example and develop their leadership capability through the ‘Great Leader’ –profile, which defines the desired leader behavior and capability.

Rewarding for great performance

Our performance management practice, Coaching for Success, establishes the basis for our people management. Its cornerstones are setting clear objectives, evaluating performance and fostering development planning with our people. Coaching for Success ensures that the company’s strategic objectives are cascaded to individual level.

Our rewards philosophy is closely linked to performance management, Coaching for Success, through which we ensure that our people are rewarded for their achievements. Our strategy provides clear direction to Total Reward principles which are closely linked to targeted business success, financial and personal performance. Through total reward programs we aim to attract, motivate, reward and retain great performers.

Our compensation elements are the following:

  • Base pay forms the basic element of compensation and takes into account particularly the role content.
  • Benefit principles follow local practices.
  • Annual incentive programs ensure and drive the company’s strategy, financial targets and development programs achievement in the short term at team and individual level.
  • Long-term incentive programs drive Amer Sports strategy and financial targets execution at Group level in longer term.

Focusing on engaging employees

Our employee engagement survey, Pulse Meter, strengthens organizational dialogue and gives direction to organizational and people development. It focuses on performance enhancement and drives our engagement and satisfaction. Pulse Meter Survey questions are framed according to our values and capabilities. Results include benchmark data and offer important information on how we compare to similar global companies. Pulse Meter is a tool for organizational dialogue and leadership, which establishes team level discussions and action planning practice.