Communications policy

The purpose of the disclosure policy is to ensure that appropriate procedures are set up to properly identify, process and make decisions regarding information required to be disclosed and this way ensure fair disclosure of information to the public in a consistent and timely manner. Material information that hasn’t been published and is not otherwise publicly available constitutes inside information and cannot be selectively disclosed or distributed without offering others the same access through stock exchange release and

In its decision making and administration, including the disclosure matters, Amer Sports applies the laws and regulations of Finland, the rules, regulations and guidelines issued by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, Amer Sports’ Articles of Association, and the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2015 for listed companies (the “Code”).

Amer Sports complies with the recommendations of the Code related to communication without exceptions. Additionally, the communication is guided by Amer Sports’ values and Code of Conduct.

Amer Sports’ website is the main channel for up-to-date information (financial, strategic, other investor relations information), providing all stakeholders an equal access to it.

All official material is prepared in both English and Finnish. All announcements are posted and archived on the company’s website for at least a period of five years.