CR and company values

Amer Sports’ CR is based on the Amer Sports values

Team spirit – We do it together

All Amer Sports companies and brands are dedicated to the same business practices whether it is related to social, environmental or ethical standards. The key principles of Amer Sports’ CR strategy together with its key performance indicators are communicated to the personnel to have their full commitment to corporate responsibility.

Fair play – We play fair

We play by the rules, and we also recognize and seek to remedy our faults. In addition to the local laws, rules and regulations and industry best practices, our behavior is guided by the Amer Sports Code of Conduct, Ethical Policy for supplier companies, and other company policies.

Innovation – We seek new ways

We are open to new innovations to develop our business and also to support corporate responsibility which can also be a driver for innovation. We are keen to assess the feedback from key stakeholders and make improvements based on that.

Determined to win – We play to win

We have identified our internal key performance indicators on corporate responsibility, and we are working to achieve our goals.