These frequently asked questions and answers provide a summary on the key interest areas related to the Amer Sports’ corporate responsibility.

How is responsibility connected to Amer Sports business?

Amer Sports is one of the leading sporting goods companies in the world and its brands are specialists in their own dedicated sports fields.

Amer Sports and its brand companies together promote active lifestyle and well-being, and with our products we want people to move and exercise helping people to stay healthy throughout their lives.

What environmental efforts does Amer Sports take in its own operations?

Amer Sports has an ongoing corporate-wide process to evaluate its annual carbon emissions consisting of e.g. travel, energy and waste. Connected to this, several brand companies have introduced many environmental initiatives. For example, at Amer Sports Winter Sports Equipment manufacturing facilities, Atomic Altenmarkt, receive their thermal energy from a power plant nearby which is 100% based on biomass. Read more on examples about production.

What international environmental initiatives does Amer Sports participate in?

Amer Sports has participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) since 2011. In addition to its group-wide efforts Amer Sports brand companies has several own initiatives. Atomic is a member of Climate Alliance and Amer Sports Winter and Outdoor, Arc’teryx and Salomon are members of the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) Sustainability Working Group, just to name a few.

Where are Amer Sports products manufactured?

Amer Sports manufactures approximately 25% of its products itself and approximately 15% is produced by partially outsourced vendors. Amer Sports’ most important own production facilities are located in Austria, Bulgaria, France, Finland, Canada and the United States. Approximately 60% of Amer Sports’ total production value is outsourced.

Does Amer Sports have a supplier Code of Conduct?

Amer Sports has the Ethical Policy that sets out the standards and requirements to its sourcing partners to respect e.g. human rights in the spirit of internationally-recognized social and ethical standards including International Labour Organization (ILO) Standards and the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Additionally Amer Sports has Social Compliance Policy to define how it implements its supplier monitoring program. The program covers areas such as monitoring and documentation, child labor, forced labor, migrant labor, compensation and benefits, working hours, health and safety, environmental and chemical safety, safe disposal of broken needle, discrimination, disciplinary practices, harassment and abuse, freedom of association, grievance procedure, sub-contracting policy.

How does Amer Sports control the working conditions in the supplier factories?

Amer Sports is committed to implementing its business strategy in an ethically and socially responsible manner and the principles of it are explained in the Company Code of Conduct and Ethical Policy targeted to suppliers. Amer Sports conducts third party audits to help sourcing partners comply with these industry standards, regulations, and Amer Sports’ expectations in regards to health and safety, as well as environment and social responsibility.  

What does Amer Sports do to minimize the use of hazardous substances in its products?

Amer Sports has created a Restricted Substances List to control hazardous substances used in its products. Additionally, Amer Sports joined in the bluesign® system partner network in July 2013. The membership covers all the Amer Sports brands within the Apparel & Gear category.The bluesign® system is a solution for a sustainable textile production and it eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for environmentally friendlier and safe production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide but also provides confidence to the consumer to acquire a sustainable product. Lear more about the bluesign on www.bluesign.com

How does Amer Sports value its products’ quality and product compliance?

Amer Sports provides innovative and safe sporting goods. The company is proud about the fact that its products meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements with regard to product safety and labeling. Amer Sports products are designed with high quality criteria and we improve the quality of them based on the continuous R&D feedback. Amer Sports products meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements with regard to product safety and labeling. Amer Sports advertises and markets its offering in a responsible manner.

What is the Amer Sports approach to product quality and endurance?

The Amer Sports approach to sustainability and product endurance is that its brands value products that are of good quality and last long.

Examples from Arc’teryx: “Proper care and repairs on equipment is the best method of sustainable practice. A product’s lifetime of performance relies on regular cleaning and correct use. Accidents do happen however. Arc’teryx offers repair services worldwide, to keep products going and keep them out of landfills. In North America, we use our local factory; in Europe we have a facility in Switzerland; and in Asia we work with our distributors to provide skilled repairs that will protect your product’s technical integrity. For many people, their favorite pack or jacket is equivalent to an old friend, one they want to keep around for as long as possible. We agree. In 2012, our after sales service repaired over 10,000 products. Those that can’t be repaired to customer satisfaction often find homes through donations.”

What initiatives does Amer Sports or its brands have to promote healthy living?

Amer Sports’ brands are dedicated to sports, exercise and healthy living. Just to give few examples, Wilson supports Ricky Barnes Foundation in its work against obesity. Salomon has “Jib Academy”, a global tour of slopestyle ski events for athletes aged 16 and under. And Amer Sports Corporation supports Liike ry to increase school attendance through sports. Read more on Citizenship and community

How does Amer Sports ensure the development of its employees?

Amer Sports develops and motivates its employees and creates a performance driven working culture which enables business success. We drive capability development for various backgrounds through learning and a knowledge-sharing culture in which all Amer Sports employees have a proactive and empowering attitude to their professional growth.