Guidelines and policies

Amer Sports has several group-wide policies and guidelines to steer its work. These include:

Code of Conduct

Ethical Policy

• Social Compliance Policy

• Category-based Restricted Substances Lists (RSLs)

• Environmental Guidelines

Code of Conduct

The Amer Sports Code of Conduct (CoC) defines the major principles of the company’s business conduct, based on Amer Sports’ values. The content of the CoC focuses on the promises to consumers, shareholders and business partners and refers to International Labour Organization (ILO) standards and the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights. CoC aspects include product safety, responsible marketing, accurate and transparent information, and a healthy and safe workplace for employees.

Our Promise to Consumers

We are determined to win the trust of our consumers by providing innovative sporting goods which are safe for their intended use and inspire athletic achievement and enjoyment. Our products meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements with regard to product safety and labeling. We advertise and market our offering in a responsible manner.

Our Promise to Shareholders

Our Promise to Shareholders is that we are determined to win and maintain the trust of our shareholders by conducting our businesses in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance and the rules and regulations applicable to Finnish listed companies.

Our Promise to Business Partners

Our Promise to Business Partners is that we are determined to win and maintain the trust of our suppliers, customers and other business partners by establishing mutually-beneficial business relationships. In all our operations, we compete ethically, fairly and vigorously in accordance with the principles of fair competition and all applicable antitrust and competition laws.

Communicating our message to employees Amer Sports launched its Code of Conduct e-learning program in 2011. The program has been created to help employees to familiarize themselves with the Code of Conduct which is available in 14 languages as every Amer Sports employee is responsible for his/her own conduct.

Ethical policy

The Amer Sports Ethical Policy sets out the core values of the sourcing operations. The company expects this suppliers to operate according to the principles in its Ethical Policy. Amer Sports expects its sourcing partners to respect human rights in the spirit of internationally recognized social and ethical standards, including the International Labour Organization (ILO) Standards and the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

The Ethical Policy is available in 25 languages to ensure that supplier employees can familiarize themselves with its content in their local languages. The ethical policy is approved by the Board of Directors and is reviewed periodically.

The ethical standards contained in the policy are also used as a tool to assist the company in selecting and retaining its suppliers. For instance, the Amer Sports Ethical Policy prohibits use of child or forced labor, allows workers’ freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, and forbids discrimination in employment and provides employees with a safe and healthy workplace.

The Ethical Policy requires suppliers to further monitor the ethical performance of their suppliers and contractors and to be prepared to take immediate and thorough steps in cases where the ethical performance is questioned.

Amer Sports’ Social Compliance policy

In addition to the Ethical Policy, Amer Sports has a Social Compliance Policy which provides suppliers with detailed information on how Amer Sports implements its supplier monitoring program as well as requirements that include but are not limited to the following issues: monitoring and documentation, child labor, forced labor, migrant labor, compensation and benefits, working hours, health and safety, environmental and chemical safety, safe disposal of broken needles, discrimination, disciplinary practices, harassment and abuse, freedom of association, grievance procedure and sub-contracting policy.

Amer Sports’ Environmental guidelines

In the Amer Sports Environmental guidelines, the company commits to reducing the environmental impact of its products and operations through the use of methods that are both environmentally responsible and economically sound.

Amer Sports strives to continuously improve its performance and assess the environmental effects of its decisions. The aim is to promote and maintain environmentally responsible practices that are beneficial to customers, consumers, employees and the communities in which Amer Sports’ companies operate. Most of the environmental initiatives are brand-led.


Suunto received the ISO 14001 certificate in 2013 and it is committed to preserving the environment through the responsible design, manufacturing and delivery of high quality sports watches, instruments and services to outdoor and diving enthusiasts. The principles prefer the use of environmentally sustainable materials and suppliers, the efficient reduction of waste and recycling, optimizing the supply chain and saving energy in all of its operations.


Precor has an Environmental Management Policy statement that has established objectives to identify the environmental aspects and significant impacts of its business, expanding its recycling program, leverage innovative repurposing programs and achieve a zero landfill status by 2017, as well as reuse steel and aluminum in the production of machined components.


Salomon has an Environmental Management Policy to identify the environmental aspects and significant impacts of its business, to expand its recycling program, to reduce energy and water consumption, to increase the percentage of organic food in the canteen, as well as to make the Annecy Design Center (ADC) surroundings greener.

In 2015, Salomon executed an internal program to make the ADC more environmentally friendly, whereby employees were asked to contribute ideas and development suggestions. As a result, over 100 ideas were submitted of which about 20 will be implement in 2016.


Amer Sports HQ together with Amer Sports Finland received a Very Good rating in the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) as the first renovated office building in Finland. Amer Sports HQ has consistently promoted greener office practices. BREEAM is a comprehensive environmental certification system that evaluates environmental performance in ten different categories containing approximately 80 items.