Amer Sports has policies, guidelines and processes that are common to all of its brands and companies and that steer its actions, some examples of which are presented on Guidelines and policies. Each brand, subsidiary and category is responsible for the implementation as defined in the policies.

Amer Sports sourcing and supply chain management

Amer Sports sourcing and supply chain management are integrated and have a common organization that serves all of the brands. The Asian Sourcing Office in Hong Kong is responsible for the social compliance of suppliers, vendor qualification, product industrialization, contract management, price negotiations, procurement process, optimization and export administration.

Business units

Each Amer Sports business unit reports to its respective management team on matters of corporate responsibility. Amer Sports Board of Directors conducts an annual review on corporate responsibility and regularly reviews the areas related to it in its meetings, as needed.

Sustainability teams

Amer Sports’ brand companies have sustainability teams dedicated to the development of environmental issues, and there is a company-wide network of corporate responsibility specialists representing Amer Sports’ main brands, regions and categories.


Amer Sports’ sustainability communication and development is organized under the Manager of Corporate Responsibility and Communications, who reports to the Director of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations.

The role of corporate responsibility communication includes the coordination, management, development and communication related to sustainability. Furthermore, it includes the coordination of the company-wide corporate responsibility network.