We want to ensure continuous organizational and personal capability development

Amer Sports people are located on all continents and regions, representing different cultures and backgrounds. In 2015, Amer Sports employed 7,954 people in 34 countries.

Organizational and personal development

At Amer Sports, we want to ensure the continuous organizational and personal capability development by identifying strategic development needs based on our corporation’s vision and strategy. Capability building at Amer Sports is implemented by ongoing strategic reviews, discussions and the exploration of options regarding organizational and individual development. Read more on People and Careers.

Equal opportunities and diversity

As defined in the Amer Sports Code of Conduct, Amer Sports provides its employees with workplaces that are safe, fair and healthy. All our employees are responsible  for creating and maintaining working environments that are free from harassment or other inappropriate behavior. We emphasize equal opportunities and diversity.

Occupational health and safety

Amer Sports manufacturing facilities work to continuously improve safety and working conditions for all employees. Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) standards are followed to ensure the workplace is free from any recognized hazards and personal protective equipment is used wherever required. All near-miss incidents, accidents, and reported unsafe conditions are investigated. Root causes are analyzed, and corrective and preventative actions are implemented to avoid any future occurrence.

Atomic has focused on health and safety in its factory in Altenmarkt

Atomic has undertaken significant improvement works in its factory in Altenmarkt to reduce noise level by separating quiet and noisy areas and by insulating noisy machinery. There is also increased lighting in the production area due to additional roof lights and equipment. Air quality has been improved with the new ventilation equipment which also results in less heat being generated. New ergonomic work-stations have been installed.

Suunto was awarded for its developments in LEAN initiatives

In 2011 Finnish Ergonomy Association has awarded Suunto for its LEAN initiatives to improve and develop work stations as a part of renewing the production. The targets of the renewals were to improve production while increasing well-being of employees and decreasing absenteeism and these targets were achieved. In its LEAN initiatives Suunto adopted completely new assembling teams and the function of the warehouse for the parts was also changed. The project required a lot of cooperation with several teams and specialists.


At the end of 2015, men represented 61% of Amer Sports employees and women 39%.


At the end of 2015, over 80 % of Amer Sports employees were between the ages of 26 to 55.


Composition of governance bodies and employee breakdown