Sports Tracker ranks high among top fitness and sports apps

Sports Tracker was recently rated as the third best fitness and sports app in the United States.


What is the best way to rate sports & health apps? You can always take a look at what the users have written in their reviews. This is what the research group ARC did in the United States. It analyzed existing consumer reviews of 65 most popular health and fitness apps in Google Play and Appstore – in total four million data points.

The study covered fitness, medical, nutrition, stress relief, and women’s health apps.

The result? Sports Tracker was rated as the third best app. It received excellent reviews from both Apple and Android users.

So, what is the secret of Sports Tracker? Why do the users like it so much? Antti Sorvari, Head of Software Development and one of the original founders of the service explains:

”People appreciate the ease of use and the overall quality of Sports Tracker. When the users feel that Sports Tracker motivates them to exercise more, helps them to document what and how they have trained, and shows how they have improved, they give great reviews.”

“Sports Tracker is simple to use for a beginner but especially the Sports Tracker Premium offers enough features for the most advanced levels,” Sorvari continues.

Tough market for newcomers

Satu Ehrnrooth, Vice President, Digital Solutions at Amer Sports, says that the market for sports and health apps is highly competitive and extremely fast-growing.

“The year 2014 was a turning point. The growth of health and fitness apps surpassed the overall application growth. There are lots of new applications coming all the time, but none of the recent entries have become big. The original early players like Sports Tracker still dominate the market.”

Why are the pioneers so strong?

“Your training data is in the service, but also your social connections. Once you join, you become a part of the community. It is essential part of your active lifestyle and a companion you don’t want to lose,” Ehrnrooth analyzes.

new_dashboard_gym_kcal_400pxConsumers look for multisports services

Right now the market trend is sport apps is moving towards multisports solutions.

“People are no longer identifying themselves as runners or skiers only. They have an active lifestyle, and they want to be able to track everything: every sport and all activity.

“Consumers want a holistic sports diary with everything in one place, and Sports Tracker is an ideal service for fulfilling this need. We already cover multiple sports, but we are continuously enhancing the app suitability for a large variety of popular sports.”

Maps and motivational support

Antti Sorvari says that Sports Tracker has a clear vision on how to develop the service and app further.

“We are simplifying and modernizing the overall user experience while building up more meaningful social interaction and providing inspiration for exercising more actively.”

The Sports Tracker team is currently renewing the whole iOS application and the user interface of the Android application.

“We will further improve the usability and make the application look fresh. We are also improving the existing functionality, for example features for analyzing your training data to give you even better insights of what and how you have been training and how you have been improving over time.”

“We will also add new functionality such as route planning, which is the most requested feature by the users. Enhancing the social dimensions of Sports Tracker will further improve the motivational support that Sports Tracker can offer.”

Dialogue engine for other Amer Sports brands

How could Sports Tracker attract even more users? With a little help from the other Amer Sports brands, according to Marko Orenius, Business Unit Director of Digital Services at Amer Sports.

“Sports Tracker functions as a gateway to the world inhabited by Amer Sports brands. We can bring sports specific insights and new inspirational content from other brands directly to Sports Tracker users. In this way, Sports Tracker is a dialogue engine for us. It also provides Amer Sports CRM valuable user datamer-sports-acquires-sports-trackera and insights.”

Satu Ehrnrooth points out that a common digital platform is a good solution for all brands.

“It doesn’t make sense to develop own apps or services for every single brand. Having one app that covers all sports will benefit both consumers and Amer Sports as a group for a long time.”

Sports Tracker Premium

  • Provides relevant insights and analytics to push your training to the right direction
  • Features automatic performance ranking: app recognizes the workouts done on the same route and ranks performances automatically thus showing the progress over time.
  • Ghost Target functionality for competing against your own or other users’ workouts. Real-time head-to-head progress on the map.

Watch the Sports Tracker Premium video: Route Ranking & Workout Comparison

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