Our management

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Executive Committee is responsible for the executive management of Amer Sports Group and leading the group’s operations. 

Executive Committee members are:

  • Board Executive Director and CEO James Zheng
  • Chief Operating Officer Michael Hauge Sørensen
  • Chief Financial Officer (interim) Douglas Gilbert

Executive Board consists of members of the Executive Committee, brand CEOs as well as key function heads. Executive Board members are responsible for the operations and management of brands and functions according to Executive Committee guidance. Each Executive Board member reports to a member of the Executive Committee.

Amer Sports Executive Board

Amer Sports leadership team

James Zheng

Board Executive Director and CEO

Michael Hauge Sørensen

Chief Operating Officer

Douglas Gilbert

Chief Financial Officer (interim)

Joe Dudy

President & CEO


Franco Fogliato

President & CEO


Stuart Haselden



Sara Molnar


Peak Performance

Michael Schineis


Winter Sports Equipment

Victor Chen

Chief Strategy Officer

Armin Fuchs

Vice President, Global Sales Development

Jutta Karlsson

General Counsel

Wilhelm Kerl

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Anne Larilahti

Vice President Environmental, Social, Governance

Sebastian Lund

Chief Human Resources Officer

Stefan Schubert

Chief Information Officer & Vice President, Group IT

Anu Sirkiä

Vice President Communications