Capital Markets Day September 1, 2016

Capital Markets Day August 27, 2015

Stock exchange release August 26, 2015:
Amer Sports announces new financial targets and a new accelerated glidepath toward 2020


Heikki Takala, President and CEO:

Jussi Siitonen, CFO:

Capital Markets Day August 28, 2014

 Heikki Takala, President and CEO Accelerating for the future Webcast
 Jussi Siitonen, CFO Delivering mid-term targets
and accelerating beyond

Capital Markets Day Aug 29, 2013

 Heikki Takala, President and CEO Amer Sports strategic update Webcast
 Jussi Siitonen, CFO Driving operating leverage improvement Webcast

Capital Markets Day August 30, 2012

 Heikki Takala, President and CEO  Reaching the half-way milestone on our strategic glidepath Webcast (IE)
 Jussi Siitonen, CFO  Towards the long-term financial targets Webcast (IE)  

Capital Markets Day September 1, 2011

Heikki Takala President and CEO  On a path of sustainable profitable growth Webcast (IE) 
Jussi Siitonen CFO Financial strength to enable future growth Webcast (IE)  
Victor Duran SVP, Marketing and BtoC Consumer driven growth: marketing excellence and B2C Webcast (IE)
Jean-Marc Pambet President of Footwear Further accelerating growth in footwear Webcast (IE)
Bernard Millaud President of Cycling Cycling: contributing to Group growth and profit Webcast (IE)
Andy Towne President of Apparel Accelerating growth in apparel Webcast (IE)

Winter sports event for analysts, March 7, 2011 Altenmarkt, Austria

Michael Schineis  President, Amer Sports Winter Sport Equipment To sustainable profitability
Wilhelm Kerl  Vice President, Amer Sports Winter Sport Equipment Operations insight

Capital Markets Day September 10, 2010

Heikki Takala President and CEO  Reigniting profitable growth
Pekka Paalanne Executive Vice President, CFO Introducing new financial targets
Chris Considine President, Ball Sports Focus on profitable growth
Jean-Marc Pambet President, Apparel and Footwear Further accelerating profitable growth
Michael Schineis President, Winter Sports Equipment To sustainable profitability
Paul Byrne President, Fitness Back to profitability
Victor Duran Senior Vice President, BtoC Driving growth and winning with our consumers