The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic created unprecedented challenges to Amer Sports and its supply chain. While the company is working hard to secure the continuity of its business and protect its employees, workers’ well-being and safety are also in the heart of concern. Amer Sports has taken below measures to support its suppliers in this challenging situation:

  • Pay committed orders in full
    Amer Sports commits to pay all purchase orders that have been shipped, completed or in production.

  • Continuous dialogue with suppliers
    Amer Sports is continuously engaging with its key suppliers to understand their financial viability and provide its utmost support to maintain their business operations and liquidity.

  • Comply with legal regulations
    Amer Sports sent a letter to suppliers emphasizing that it will comply with labor related pandemic government decrees and requirements. Suppliers are encouraged to treat retrenchment as a last resort and workers must be provided with legally mandated severance benefits in case retrenchment is unavoidable. 

  • Ensure health and safety
    Amer Sports shared health and safety best practices from the World Health Organization (WHO) with its suppliers and requested them to implement the recommended health and safety practices at factory floor. Amer Sports on-site quality and production teams support to monitor the implementation of the health and safety practices.

  • Support ILO Call for Action
    Amer Sports endorsed the ILO Call to Action to protect garment workers’ income, health and employment and to support manufactures to survive the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.