Sustainability approach

Sustainability and continuous improvement are the foundation for Amer Sports’ future growth. Our mission is to improve consumers’ sports and fitness performance and inspire an active life and lifestyle. The key elements of the corporate sustainability strategy and the related strategic intents are:

Products and customers

Amer Sports delivers excellent sporting goods, services and experiences that inspire athletic achievement and enjoyment. We comply with the relevant legal and regulatory standards.

  • Product compliance & materials of concern to ensure safe products
  • Circular economy


Amer Sports constantly reviews its global production and sourcing footprint to identify possibilities for improvements and reduce its environmental impact.

  • Climate change
  • Environmental stewardship

Supply chain

Amer Sports is committed to socially responsible sourcing practices, expects its sourcing partners to adhere to international standards for human and labor rights, and provides training to help its partners meet the standards.

  • Human & labor rights

Our playground

Amer Sports promotes healthy and active living through its products, which encourage and support access to exercise and fitness.

  • Promoting sports and exercise

Our ethics

Amer Sports go about its business in an ethical manner and is determined to win and maintain the trust of its consumers, customers, suppliers, shareholders and business partners.

  • Business ethics

Our people

Health & safety, fair & equal opportunities: We provide a safe and healthy work environment, ensure fair and equal opportunities. We build capabilities, nourish engagement and enhance great performance.

  • Health & safety
  • Fair & equal opportunities
  • Competence development