Amer Sports values are Determined to Win, Team Spirit, Fair Play and Innovation. This Code of Conduct clarifies what these values require in our way of operating. Every Amer Sports employee is responsible for their own conduct and for observing the highest standards of business ethics, upholding the principles of fair dealing, considering the rights of others, acting with integrity, and for being a good corporate citizen.

Determined to win


Strong performance is our core value. Financial success enables continuous development of our brands and products. The determination to win encourages a strong work ethic and top-level performance.

Promise to Our Consumers

We are determined to win the trust of our consumers by providing innovative sporting goods and digital services which are safe for their intended use and inspire athletic achievement and enjoyment. Our products meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements with regard to product safety and labeling. We advertise and market our offering in a responsible manner. We respect the privacy of our consumers.

Promise to Our Shareholders

We are determined to win and maintain the trust of our shareholders by conducting our businesses in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance and the rules and regulations applicable to Finnish listed companies. We are committed to providing prompt, accurate and transparent information about our operations, our financial position and our performance to all investors and other stakeholders simultaneously.

Promise to Our Business Partners

We are determined to win and maintain the trust of our suppliers, customers and other business partners by establishing mutually-beneficial business relationships. In all our operations, we compete ethically, fairly and vigorously in accordance with the principles of fair competition and all applicable antitrust and competition laws. We expect our business partners to adhere to a code of conduct that is consistent with our own.

Team spirit


We believe in team spirit and teamwork. Our team consists of strong individuals who support our common goals.


Amer Sports provides its employees with workplaces that are safe, fair and healthy. All our employees are responsible for creating and maintaining working environments that are free from harassment or other inappropriate behavior. We promote equal opportunities and diversity.


We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products and our operations through the use of methods which are responsible and economically sound. As our business grows, we strive to continuously improve our performance and assess the environmental effects of our decisions.


We are committed to socially responsible sourcing practices. We expect our suppliers to adhere to international standards for human and labor rights, including International Labour Organization (ILO) standards and the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights, and we provide training to help ensure such standards are met. We also actively monitor the performance of our suppliers. We strictly prohibit the use of forced or child labor. Suppliers include, but are not limited to contractors, subcontractors, and any party running facilities producing components or materials for Amer Sports’ products in whole or partially.

Community involvement

We promote healthy and active living through our products, which encourage and provide access to exercise and fitness. We believe that sporting activities have the power to help people stay motivated and achieve more in their lives, not only on the playing field.

Fair play


We play by the rules, and we also recognize and seek to remedy our faults.

Legal compliance

We comply with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. Our employees must act in accordance with local laws, rules and regulations as well as this Code of Conduct and other company policies. If local law or regulations differ from our company policies, we make sure that we comply with both.

Accurate records

We comply with applicable accounting policies and procedures at all times. Amer Sports employees who exercise control over company assets and transactions are expected to act with the highest levels of integrity, ensuring that each transaction is executed in accordance with appropriate management authorization and properly and accurately recorded in our accounting records.

Conflicts of interest

All employees are obligated to act solely in the best interests of Amer Sports at all times, avoiding situations that involve a conflict or the appearance of a conflict between duty to the company and personal interest. All Amer Sports employees are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

Bribes and Corruption

Amer Sports and its employees do not engage in the giving or receiving, directly or indirectly, of bribes, kickbacks, other illicit payments or improper benefits intended to achieve business advantage or financial gain.


Our employees do not accept or give money, gifts, benefits, unusual forms of hospitality, or other items having more than nominal value from or to: any person with whom we do business, any person with whom we are seeking to do business, or any person who is seeking to do business with us.

Political contributions

Amer Sports does not provide, either directly or indirectly, financial support to political parties or political groups.



The essential prerequisite for development is innovation, and the prime motivation for innovation is to always assess and question our current methods of operation.

Intellectual property and confidentiality

We seek to generate and promote new and innovative ideas and concepts and Amer Sports employees are expected to highlight and promote innovation. To protect innovative achievements, all Amer Sports employees must take appropriate action to safeguard our intellectual property and confidential information from unauthorized access by third parties. Correspondingly, we do not infringe intellectual property rights owned by others and we respect confidential information which belongs to third parties.


Compliance with the principles stated in this Code of Conduct is an essential component in our business success. All Amer Sports business areas and functions as well as local subsidiaries are responsible for implementation of the code, with more detailed guidance tailored to local needs being provided if necessary. Should any discrepancy between local codes and this Code of Conduct arise, the latter will prevail.


Any Amer Sports employee who is uncertain about whether a specific situation or proposed course of action is in conflict with the principles stated here, should present facts detailing the situation using Amer Sports ethics and compliance system, an online channel provided for this purpose. No retaliatory action will be taken for reporting actual or possible violations of the Code of Conduct. Reports may be made anonymously through the ethics and compliance channel. If a report is not anonymous, the identity of the reporting employee will be kept confidential unless fair enforcement of this Code of Conduct or compliance with legal obligations requires it to be made known.

Disciplinary action

Disciplinary action may be taken by the company in the following circumstances:

  • Authorizing or directly participating in actions that violate this Code of Conduct;
  • Concealing a violation of this Code of Conduct;
  • Refusal to cooperate in the investigation of a violation of the principles or actions specified in this Code of Conduct;
  • Failure to detect or report a subordinate’s violation of this Code of Conduct in cases where such failure reflects inadequate supervision or lack of oversight; or
  • Retaliating, directly or indirectly, against an individual who reports a violation of this Code of Conduct.
  • If appropriate, disciplinary action may include the termination of employment.