Sustainability reports

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The Amer Sports sustainability report provides an overview of our sustainability actions on environmental, social, and governance-related topics. The report is published annually and approved and signed by our Board of Directors.

We report according to the following frameworks:

Non-Financial Reporting (NFRD)
Amer Sports’ sustainability report provides an overview of the group’s sustainability areas, activities, and progress as defined in our materiality assessment, in accordance with the European Union NFRD.
Global Reporting Guidelines (GRI)
Our next report will be built in reference to the Global Reporting Guidelines (GRI), including the GRI index.
Greenhouse Gas Protocol
Our climate reporting emissions calculation methodology is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (Revised edition, 2004) and ISO 14064-1 (2006).
Climate Disclosure Framework (CDP)
Amer Sports participates in the CDP. We disclose information on carbon emissions and targets, climate-related risks and opportunities, emission reduction activities, and sources, to reduce emissions and improve efficiency, for example in building metrics for energy usage, travel emissions, waste production, and other environmental metrics.

Amer Sports sustainability reports