Code of Conduct

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We want to do the right thing. Our Code of Conduct guides all our employees and everyone who works on our behalf.

The Amer Sports Code of Conduct is the most important guideline for our entire group. It describes how we all put our values into practice every day and sets the standard for the conduct expected by all Amer Sports employees.

Our Code of Conduct describes our commitments and expectations towards our suppliers and partners, and also how we respect our own employees. The Code of Conduct explains to all our stakeholders the principles under which we operate.

Our business is based on four core values: determined to win, team spirit, fair play, and innovation. In our Code of Conduct, we explain how these values are linked to actions in, for example, how we:

  • conduct our business ethically
  • take the environment into account
  • respect human and labor rights
  • promote equal opportunities
  • promote safety at work
  • comply with laws and regulations
  • prevent fraud and protect our customers’ data
  • deal with intellectual property, and much more.

All Amer Sports’ employees are expected to read and understand the Code and participate in the mandatory Code of Conduct e-learning which is, along with the Code itself, available in 14 languages. The training is also an integral part of onboarding our new employees.

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A speak-up culture for open and trusting discussion

We are committed to maintaining and cherishing an open and trusting speak-up culture at all levels of our organization. Amer Sports employees can raise concerns with their line manager, dedicated Human Resources Business Partner, legal or internal audit functions, or through our confidential and anonymous reporting channel, WhistleB.

WhistleB is operated by a third party and is also available for external stakeholders, such as employees of our business partners within our supply chain.