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At Amer Sports, we believe in improving the quality of life through sports and an active lifestyle. The wellbeing of people—including our employees, our consumers, and our partners—is at the core of our social responsibility.

Our social responsibility work focuses on sustainable procurement and supply chains, health and safety, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), employee welfare and wellbeing, and community engagement.

Wellbeing for people

No matter what age, experience, or fitness level, being active has become a way of life for many. Some are discovering the joys of hiking, skiing, or kayaking, as well as the freedom and wonder that make the great outdoors magical. For others, it might be a return to exercise routines, such as running or cycling.

Overall, wellness is increasingly being viewed through a more holistic lens. The opportunity to live healthier lives has gone mainstream. Feeling better is within an even wider reach. Amer Sports supports health and wellness, thanks to our wide range of products that facilitate access to outdoor spaces, consistent exercise, and lasting fitness.

Amer Sports brands are on a mission to promote an active lifestyle and improve sport performance globally. Our focus on social responsibility revolves around improving the quality of life for the people who use our products, as well as striving for the wellbeing of everyone working across our value chain.

Amer Sports’ People Strategy aims to facilitate truly sustainable business practices, and it is aligned with our Amer Sports Strategy 2025, as well as our business initiatives and selected focus areas.

Human rights due diligence

Amer Sports’ global presence necessitates a deep responsibility for the people both directly and indirectly impacted by that presence, throughout the value chain.

We support and expect our vendors and suppliers to meet internationally acknowledged standards on human and labor rights and healthy and safe workplaces. We are committed to respecting all human rights in the spirit of internationally recognized social and ethical standards, including those of the International Labor Organization (ILO), and the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

The entire Amer Sports community shares a commitment to treat employees with respect and dignity, from our own operations to those working for our wide network of suppliers. The Amer Sports Vendor Sustainability team ensures that suppliers follow Amer Sports’ standards for ethical operations. Human rights due diligence in our value chain is a key priority for us, and we are dedicated to continuously improving our performance regarding labor, workplace conditions, and environmental issues in our supply chain. Amer Sports is constantly tracking a range of performance indicators designed to measure compliance with social and labor rights.

Employee wellbeing

Engagement and great performance stem from professionalism, wellbeing at work, and genuine passion. We believe in team spirit and teamwork.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Amer Sports strives for diverse, equal, and inclusive (DEI) professional lives for all. We expect all our employees to treat each other and our broad stakeholder network with respect.

Community engagement

Amer Sports brands are constantly enhancing the consumer experience and creating thriving communities. They play an important role in increasing the quality of life within sports communities globally.