Employee wellbeing

Employee well-being

Engagement and great performance stem from professionalism, wellbeing at work, and genuine passion. We believe in team spirit and teamwork. Our community consists of strong individuals who contribute to our common goals to promote an active lifestyle and improve sports performance globally.

Health and safety

Providing healthy and safe places to work is at the core of Amer Sports’ social responsibility. We want to ensure the wellbeing of our own employees as well as any non-employee working at our premises by promoting a positive safety culture. Through Amer Sports’ systematic approach to safety at work, accidents, occupational injuries, and illnesses can be effectively prevented.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Amer Sports is taking a flexible approach to work by combining in-person and remote models, while also reducing business travel where possible. Healthy workplaces and the wellbeing of our employees are key priorities for us. That’s why we have refreshed our contingency and resilience plans, while also stepping up to ensure the protection of employees and the heightened promotion of workplace safety.

Employee welfare and wellbeing

We believe that passionate and empowered people perform at their best and excel. In addition to the flexible approach to working hours and locations, we offer our employees versatile support for maintaining an active lifestyle and doing sports.

Amer Sports is committed to providing opportunities for continuous development and learning. A high-performance culture is enforced through coaching dialogue, motivational pay, and continuous performance management processes.

One of the ways to work towards our vision and implement our strategy is our performance management process called Coaching for Success. It provides our employees with the opportunity to have one-to-one performance and development discussions with their manager/team lead, and encourages an ongoing feedback dialogue. In 2021, more than 90% of our employees completed the Coaching for Success program. Amer Sports continuously monitors and evaluates the program, with the aim of eventually having all our global employees participate in it.

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