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Amer Sports brands are constantly enhancing the consumer experience and creating thriving communities. They play an important role in increasing the quality of life within sports communities globally. These communities are where our products come alive.

Community engagement has been recognized as a key social sustainability topic for Amer Sports, and our brands have a long history of supporting communities around the world. Read more about how our brands give back to these communities:

Arc’teryx partnerships in honor of the International Women’s Day
In addition to recognizing the incredible women within Arc’teryx’s collective, the company decided to put their words into action by partnering with organizations focused on increasing accessibility and career development in outdoor spaces.
In honor of International Women’s Day 2021, Arc’teryx donated $15,000 to the following associations: 
ACMG (Canada) – Supporting access to and mentorship with professional guides for women and other under-represented and marginalized groups in outdoor activities.
AMGA (US) — Supporting Women’s Single-Pitch Instructor Course, to increase access to guiding.
Flash Foxy (US) – Supporting the Women’s Education and Leadership Development Fund – Rock Climbing/Guiding.
Outward Bound (UK) – Supporting women’s outdoor leadership development.
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Arc’teryx and Salomon support the Protect Our Winters movement
Protect Our Winters (POW) is a global worldwide network providing a wide entry point into climate advocacy for millions of adventure sports enthusiasts. Amer Sports brands Arc’teryx and Salomon are proud partners of the POW movement.
Arc’teryx pledged support to Protect Our Winters (POW) on Giving Tuesday 2021. Between November 25–29, 2021, Arc’teryx gave $20 CAD to Protect Our Winters for every new member sign-up. The result was a donation of $100,000 to protect the experiences our consumers love.
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Salomon communities and associations
Salomon has long been known for its collaborations with athletes and its connections to local communities. The brand is committed to having a positive impact on its local communities and partners. Among the broad variety of different associations and initiatives, Salomon maintains a special focus on improving mountain safety, aiding diversity and inclusion, and facilitating stakeholder dialogue with professional industry organizations, in addition to school collaboration and philanthropic actions.
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The Salomon Foundation
Since the beginning, the Salomon brand has shared its values with those who have dedicated their lives to playing in the mountains—guides, ski instructors, ski patrollers, and others in the mountaineering and skiing industries.
The Salomon Foundation was created in March 1999 with the goal of helping mountain professionals and competitors in need. While synonymous with fun moments and achievements in the sun and snow, the mountains can also be dangerous and unpredictable, catching even the best mountain professionals off-guard. Each year, several professionals are victims of serious accidents that prevent them from pursuing their passion for the mountains.
For Salomon, supporting the Foundation is a way of affirming its solidarity with the environment and the mountain community by providing financial assistance and moral support to these victims. The mission of the Salomon Foundation is to facilitate daily life and to help the social and professional reintegration of riders and mountain professionals who are physically disabled as a result of an accident or a disease.
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New life for Peak Performance leftover clothes and fabric via Human Bridge  
Human Bridge is an organization that specializes in the supply of medical equipment. The organization collects, repairs, and distributes medical supplies and disability equipment, mainly to countries in Africa and Eastern Europe. Furthermore, textiles such as clothing and footwear are collected and distributed as direct aid, or to generate revenue for various aid projects. Peak Performance frequently collects clothes and leftover fabric from its headquarters to support Human Bridge in its mission.