Circular economy principles

Amer Sports has defined its Circular economy principles. The Circular economy is about closing the loop in business, for instance, using resources in a way that they are kept in circulation. This will reduce waste, increase resource productivity and help reduce environmental impacts, in-line with Amer Sports environmental guidelines.

The target is that all categories meet ‘Basic’ principles and explores possibilities to meet ‘Advanced’ principles. The Amer Sports Circular economy principles include:

Product Lifecycle

Basic: We use lifecycle assessment or other comprehensive and science based methodologies for core product offerings to estimate sustainability impacts.

Advanced: Based on the assessment of sustainability impacts, we continuously seek low-impact alternatives for design, development and production processes.

 Resource Efficiency

Basic: We improve resource efficiency in our own operations, annually assessing our manufacturing processes. Where possible, we use lightweight materials and recycled or bio-based content in our products, minimise manufacturing waste and recover waste for use as a resource.

Advanced: We seek to systematically improve resource efficiency across all elements of operations and supply chain.

Durability & Repair

Basic: We prolong the life-span of our products through designing quality and durable products as well as targeting continuous improvement. We expand product life by advising consumers in product care and providing repair services.

Advanced: We design and develop products with total lifecycle approach, including easy repairability.

 Business Models

Basic: We explore alternative business models to maximise utilisation of our products.

Advanced: We use service model and sharing platforms to reduce our impacts and improve the value we provide to our customers.

 End of Use

Basic: We guide our customers on how to return products at end of use, such as recycling or product take back schemes.

Advanced: We ’close the loop’ at the end of product life by developing capabilities to remanufacture or upgrade products and by designing products which are recyclable.



Arc’teryx, building products to last

Arc’teryx’ product philosophy is the foundation of its approach to sustainability. Arc’teryx believes that building products to last is the most powerful lever for minimizing its impact.

Arc’teryx maximizes products’ performance and durability in a number of ways, including building products that perform for their intended use, and selecting proven materials that endure and wear well over time. The timeless aesthetic remains contemporary, and Arc’teryx stands behind the lifetime care, repair and product guarantee.

Re-use of raw materials in the Winter Equipment Manufacturing facilities

Amer Sports Winter Sports Equipment (WSE) has an extensive program that enables all of the raw materials that are not used in its own manufacturing to be used by external parties. Over the years, this has helped to reduce the amount of waste in the WSE facilities.

Waste management

Amer Sports Winter Sports Equipment facility in Altenmarkt assumes a pioneering role in the environmentally friendly production of sporting goods. In a precise environmental concept, ecological measures are bundled together and integrated into all operational procedures. Facility has taken steps to improve waste management, by separating all pure wood, aluminum and composite materials as well as further developing the separation of plastics into different types of plastics.

Amer Sports’ Altenmarkt site has received awards of its waste management:

  • The Austrian Phönix 2014 waste management award for its innovative environmental and ecologically sustainable measures in ecological management by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) and the Austrian Water and Waste Management Association (ÖWAV). The Phönix waste management award was presented for the 13th time in 2014.
  • ÖGUT Umwelt Preis, which is an exceptional prize for companies who engage in environment protection and for the Energy Globe Award 2012.

Rental business at Winter Sports

Rental business has been an increasing trend during the last years for the Winter Sports Equipment and Amer Sports brands strongly follow this trend, and are also considering options on how to develop product take-back programs.

Salomon partners to repair products: Mont Blanc Repair Center

In recent years, Salomon has partnered with other outdoor brands in France, members of the Outdoor Sports Valley, to establish and develop the Mont Blanc Outdoor Repair Center. This new location provides a place where outdoor brands can find skilled individuals and machinery to repair outdoor products for their after-sales services, enabling them to last longer. The organization that runs the repair center also helps people find jobs and learn new skills that will make them more employable in the future.