Industry trends

Supported by the trends now evident in society, the sporting goods industry can be expected to grow in overall terms.

Continuing development of new and improved products will keep Amer Sports and its brands at the forefront of the sporting goods industry for years to come.


Growth opportunities in emerging markets are based on large and growing populations whose average disposable incomes and standards of living are expected to increase. In developed markets, average life expectancy is rising. As they enjoy a good standard of living, people in developed markets are more likely to stay active longer and invest in high-quality sporting goods.

Health and fitness

One current trend emphasizes both healthier lifestyles and seeking a balance between work and leisure This should lead to opportunities for Amer Sports to develop products that make accessing healthier lifestyles easier and more enjoyable.

Technological advances and innovation

The ability to create new product technology and other performance-improving features is a key driver for success in the sporting goods market. Given that participation rates in many sports are fairly stable, new and innovative products are key in motivating consumers to replace their old products with new ones.

Outdoors inspired

The popularity of outdoor activities will continue to grow in the future. Outdoor pursuits are often family experiences enjoyed by participants of all ages regardless of gender. The desire to engage in outdoor activities also reflects the broader environment-related trend of people wanting to experience nature while they exercise.


In spite of the industry consolidation that has occurred in recent years, the sporting goods market remains fragmented. The industry will continue to consolidate as, in their search for success, smaller players seek access to major retail channels and improved economies of scale in manufacturing and distribution. As these smaller participants join larger companies that enjoy greater financial resources, Amer Sports expects one result of such consolidation to be increased short-term and medium-term competition in several product categories.

Retailer and supplier relationships

An increasing trend among major retailers is their desire to reduce the total number of their suppliers while also benefiting from the reliable deliveries and enhanced levels of customer service offered by key supply partners. Such retailers have also grown more demanding in terms of the timely delivery of goods, customer service, inventory control, joint promotional activities and in-store merchandising such as product displays.