Amer Sports intellectual property portfolio provides significant support in achieving the Group’s business objectives. Amer Sports’ innovations are safeguarded by obtaining appropriate intellectual property protection for new developments and by maintaining and enforcing the protection already obtained for key items of existing intellectual property.

To protect its brands, proprietary technology and know-how, Amer Sports uses both patent, copyright, design, trade secret, and trademark legislation and confidentiality agreements. 

Brands are a core asset in Amer Sports’ business and represent great value. In most cases, the Group’s brands are protected by registering them as trademarks in countries where significant existing or potential markets for associated products exist. Amer Sports holds a number of significant patents, design patents, and utility models in the Group’s key markets. Activity to protect Amer Sports’ intellectual property portfolio is focused in the main on seeking protection in primary or key markets for the Group’s core technologies and on protecting designs that are expected to have commercial value for several years.

Centers of expertise

Amer Sports centers of expertise which focus on the protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights are based in Europe and the United States. These expertise centers are responsible for coordinating all matters relating to the Group’s intellectual property.

In addition to being responsible for the filing, maintaining, and enforcing of related rights, Amer Sports centers of expertise work in close collaboration with brand companies and with marketing, sales, and research and development personnel, and also provide strategic legal advice and support in connection with intellectual property-related issues. Amer Sports also uses external experts to maintain and enforce intellectual property rights.


In addition to their own intellectual property portfolio, some Amer Sports subsidiaries have intellectual property rights as they license technology which supports the Group’s business. In the United States, for example, Precor is an exclusive licensee under patents for inventions relating to elliptical fitness equipment. In Europe, licensing examples include Atomic’s exclusive license for patents covering technology used in ski boots.

Amer Sports grants licenses to Group trademarks or patents on a selective basis. This careful selection of licensees and licensed products ensures that related licensing activity does not harm the reputations of our brands. For example, Precor sub-licenses its rights to elliptical fitness equipment designs to third parties in return for royalty payments, while Amer Sports’ royalty-bearing trademark licenses include agreements relating to the use of the Wilson trademark in golf-related products.