Precor and Preva achieve new milestone with 100,000 connected cardio consoles

Jun 24, 2019 By Amer Sports team 2 min read

Precor has reached a new milestone with its networked fitness consoles. As of June 2019, Precor had surpassed 100,000 networked units in more than 7700 facilities in 98 countries. Since 2009, Precor has experienced steady growth in the number of facilities requiring a greater level of connection, and this milestone serves as a strong indicator that connectivity is here to stay.

Integrating technology and fitness into our lives

“At Precor, we design end-to-end solutions that make life easier. We create ways to maintain superior quality, improve serviceability, and ensure that our products are future-proof”, said Dave Flynt, Vice President of Experience Design at Precor.

“Over the last ten years, we have not only been thinking about and designing products for the fitness space, but we’ve been studying the bigger picture of just how technology and fitness integrate into the lives of our customers and our exercisers. Reaching this milestone provides more proof that connecting technology with fitness is no longer a trend; it is the norm.”

Benefits for business and exercisers

The Precor connected experience is driven by the innovative, open-sourced operating system known as Preva®. Preva offers facility managers flexibility and choice in creating a custom experience that is tailored to each facility.

Preva utilizes a series of strategic, best-in-class partners including eGym®, ClubCom®, and Netpulse® that help facility operators get the most value from their investments by providing functionalities that benefit both the business and the exerciser. These functionalities include asset management, data/user analysis, marketing outreach, and facility programming, to name a few. Preva helps facilities drive member attraction, retention, engagement, and secondary revenue while also smoothing out business operations.

Designed for users in motion

Exercisers can also take advantage of smart Preva innovations by connecting to the most popular entertainment, social, and content apps available via the expertly-designed interface that was created specifically for users in motion. Users will enjoy the benefits of a seamless single sign-on experience which allows members quick access to their content and the ability to hop on and begin their workout without interruption.

Gearing up for more innovation and experiences

To date, Preva has logged more than 725 million workouts worldwide.

“There is always confidence in numbers. These numbers give our customers real assurance that the Precor networked solution can be trusted and is growing”, said Darrin Stock, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Precor.

“Clearly, Precor has moved far beyond the startup days of networked fitness – yet a decade in, and we’re still very excited to bring more innovation and experiences to the market. It only gets better from here.”