Suunto launches a new, easy-to-read dive computer with color screen and interchangeable straps

Apr 04, 2019 By Amer Sports team 3 min read

Suunto introduces the new Suunto D5, a watch-sized dive computer that is designed especially for recreational scuba and freedivers. With the digital logbook via Suunto app, the diver can log, re-live´, and share their adventures. With the interchangeable straps, the computer can be transformed from a color coordinated dive partner to a classic post-dive timepiece.

Readability, visibility, color quality

Due to the advanced display technology used in the Suunto D5, the readability underwater is excellent. The display is fully laminated, which makes light reflection minimal, and transreflective, which enhances visibility and color quality when there is lot of ambient light available.

The new Suunto D5 features four dive modes to choose from: air/nitrox, gauge, freedive and off, as well as a digital compass, a vibration alarm, logbook, dive history. Moreover, it has all the same features available in similar Suunto dive computers: depth, dive time, no decompression limit and safety stop timer.

“Suunto D5 is our first full-color wrist size dive computer and the feedback from end consumers, Suunto dive distributors and retailers has been really positive. People like the design and modern technology. For example, they do not have to worry about changing batteries, because the battery is rechargeable”, says Paulina Ramm-Schmidt, Commercial Marketing Manager, Dive at Suunto.

“Also updates to well recognized and established Suunto Fused™ RGBM dive algorithm have received really positive feedback, especially from more experienced divers. The algorithm had been improved based on user feedback, among others. The super easy user logic, which is same we have used also in our other dive computers, Suunto EON Steel and EON Core, makes the product easy to use and understand”, says Jyri Ahola, Product Manager, Dive at Suunto.

Elegance above and below surface

Suunto D5 is made from high quality materials such as stainless steel and reinforced composite, coupled with mineral crystal glass to protect the full color MIP display.

Thanks to the easily interchangeable straps with a quick release spring bar, the user can easily match the device with his/her diving gear, casual look, or even evening outfit. Suunto D5 can be worn every day because it has also all the functionalities of a regular watch.

Sharing underwater adventures

Suunto D5 is the first Suunto dive computer that is compatible with the Suunto app. The Suunto app can be used as a digital logbook for the dives.

Once Suunto D5 has been paired with the app, the dive logs are transferred automatically to the mobile via Bluetooth. In the app, the dive data can be re-lived, visualized by adding photos, and shared with friends in the app or in social media.

Global diving trends

Suunto D5 is an attractive product for the Chinese and Asian market, where diving keeps growing in popularity and the demand for watch-sized dive computers is particularly high. The effect of the rapidly improved standard of living in China means that people are willing to spend money on sports and cool experiences.

“In China, diving is popular among movie stars and other celebrities, which inspires also other people to start diving. This trend, together with our hardworking Chinese dive distributor and their dive retailers, have made China one of the biggest growing dive markets today”, says Ahola .

Production at maximum capacity

The deliveries of the Suunto D5 have started in mid March.

“Our production in Vantaa is working at maximum capacity to meet the global demand of Suunto D5. Obviously, it will take some time before all channels are completely filled. The first products have reached the stores just now”, Ahola says.

All Suunto dive computers and instruments are manufactured in Finland.

Suunto D5

Photo credits: Suunto / Steve Woods, Janne Westerlund