Materiality assessment

Amer Sports has a materiality matrix, which defines the key areas for the company’s corporate responsibility. The materiality matrix covers the areas that are considered to have the most impact on Amer Sports and that are of interest to stakeholders. (updated: December 2018)



Amer Sports has defined the key areas and related strategic intents for its Corporate Responsibility. The key elements are:

Products and customers

Amer Sports delivers excellent sporting goods, services and experiences that inspire athletic achievement and enjoyment while complying with regulation and relevant standards.

Circular economy is about keeping resources at their highest utility and value for as long as possible by extracting the maximum value from them whilst in use.

Sustainability innovation is using sustainability as a catalyst for innovation, using design thinking to deliver products which incorporate sustainability.

Key areas

  • Product stewardship and materials of concern
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainable innovation


Amer Sports constantly reviews its global production and sourcing footprint to identify possibilities for improvements and a reduction of its environmental impact.

Key areas

  • Climate change
  • Environmental stewardship

Supply Chain

Amer Sports is committed to socially responsible sourcing practices, expects its sourcing partners to adhere to international standards for human and labor rights, and provides training to help its partners meet the standards. Sourcing raw materials to the highest standards of sustainability from our network of suppliers of all tiers. Sourcing raw materials to the highest standards of sustainability from our network of suppliers of all tiers.

Key areas

  • Human & labor rights
  • Sustainable sourcing


Amer Sports provides a safe and healthy work environment, and ensures fair and equal opportunities. Amer Sports builds capabilities, nourishes engagement, and enhances great performance.

Key areas

  • Health & safety
  • Fair & equal opportunities
  • Competence development


Amer Sports promotes healthy and active living through its products, which encourage and support access to exercise and fitness.

Protecting wild spaces means preserving, educating and advocating to protect the environments and outdoor spaces (also known as the playground and/or wild spaces) within which Amer Sports’ products are designed to be used in.

Community development includes investing in local communities and engaging with community stakeholders to resolve or advance key social and environmental risks and opportunities associated with the company’s presence in local markets.

Key areas

  • Promoting sports & exercise
  • Protecting wild spaces
  • Community development


Amer Sports goes about its business in an ethical manner and is determined to win and maintain the trust of its consumers, customers, suppliers, shareholders and business partners.

Key areas

  • Business ethics


Amer Sports has defined the material topic with the topic boundaries for GRI reporting.

Material topic and topic boundaries for GRI reporting

Material topic

GRI topic/Amer Sports own topic

Topic boundary

Product stewardship and & materials of concern 

  • Compliance
  • Customer health and safety

Amer Sports Group

Sustainable innovation

  • design thinking to deliver products which incorporate sustainability

Amer Sports Group

Circular economy

  • Materials
  • Amer Sports’ own topic: 
    Circular economy principles

Amer Sports Group

Climate change

  • Energy
  • Emissions
  • Effluents and waste

Amer Sports Group


Environmental stewardship

  • Biodiversity
  • Amer Sports’ own topic: Environmental impacts in the supply chain

Amer Sports Group


Human & labor rights

  • Amer Sports’ own topic: Third party audits
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Child labor
  • Forced or compulsory labor, including human trafficking

Amer Sports Group


Sustainable sourcing

  • Sourcing raw materials 

Amer Sports Group


Health & safety

  • Diversity and equal opportunities

Amer Sports Group

Fair & equal opportunities

  • Training and education

Amer Sports Group

Competence development

  • Occupational health and safety

Amer Sports Group

Promoting sports and exercise

  • Amer Sports’ own topic: Promoting sports and exercise

Amer Sports’ brands and sales offices

Business ethics

  • Amer Sports’ own topic: Code of Conduct training
  • Anti-corruption

Amer Sports Group