Stakeholder engagement

We encourage dialogue with our key external stakeholders

Our objective is to be aware of our stakeholder expectations to ensure that all the key issues are covered in the CR strategy and that we have a good understanding what expectations our key stakeholders, such as retailers, consumers and investors have concerning Amer Sports’ Corporate Responsibility.

Memberships and industry collaboration

Amer Sports and its brand companies participate in several industry-wide initiatives, including:

In 2015, Arc’teryx and Salomon brands made their commitment to join the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and to start using the Higg Index to measure progress on environmental and social impacts within the brands and their supply chains. The Higg Index is a self-assessment tool and it empowers brands, retailers and facilities of all sizes, at every stage of their sustainability efforts, to measure their environmental and social and labor impacts and identify areas for improvement.

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Amer Sports and its brands actively participate in the conversation about and development within the industry. Salomon and Arc’teryx are members of the European Outdoor Group and participate in its Sustainability working group as well as its Sustainability Advisory Council.

Amer Sports Winter and Outdoor located in Utah, USA, and Arc’teryx are members of the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), a trade association for companies in the outdoor recreation business that provides services for manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, sales representatives and retailers in the outdoor industry.

In addition, Arc’teryx is a voting member of the OIA’s sustainability working group and continues to sit on the steering committee of its chemicals management working group. Some of the key issues discussed at the OIA are the restricted substances used in apparel products and climate change. The OIA works to raise industry standards and represents member interests in the legislative/regulatory process, among other things.
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Salomon is one of the founding members of the Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV), a French Outdoor Industry Organization, actively cooperating together with other outdoor brands in several environmental initiatives, such as a common repair center for apparel. In addition, OSV also develops environmental actions in Annecy, France, for instance, when organizing events. Salomon focuses on several aspects to make these events more environmentally friendly in order for them to be considered eco-events. The “Innovation & Sustainable Development” committee of the OSV gathers the initiatives to encourage projects of innovation and sustainable development projects and fosters interaction. Since 2012, OSV has been widening its network of scientific and technical structures in order to encourage innovation within the outdoor industry.

Since 1999, the Salomon foundation has worked to facilitate the daily lives and social and professional reintegration of athletes and mountain workers who are physically disabled due an accident or illness, and provides support to families of the mountain workers who have lost their members. It is the Salomon Foundation’s way of thanking mountain professionals and athletes for their contributions to improving sports equipment and facilitating sporting activities.

Salomon is a member of Fondation Eau, Neige & Glace.The foundation was established in 2009 to improve the management of mountain water resource.

Memberships to improve working conditions

Fair Labour Association

Wilson is a category licensee B member of the Fair Labour Association. As Wilson’s parent company, Amer Sports is also monitored by FLA in its compliance system and an FLA representative reviews Amer Sports’ CSR monitoring system and how Amer Sports fulfills their criteria.

International Labour Organization: Better Work in Cambodia

Since 2013, Amer Sports has engaged with the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Better Work (BW) program in Cambodia. Amer Sports is a buyer participant of the BW country program – Better Factory Cambodia (BFC) and can access the BW’s assessment and progress report on their online portal. All assessments are conducted in compliance with equivalent national laws and international standards with guidance on interpretation from the relevant national ministries and the ILO. Amer Sports also participates in the buyers’ forums to engage with Better Work on social audit issues. Better Work is a well-recognized non-governmental organization (NGO) in the industry with many international buyers engaged in the program.

Climate change

Amer Sports Winter and Outdoor is a EPA Green Power Partner

Amer Sports Winter and Outdoor in Ogden, USA participates in the EPA’s (United States Environmental Protection Agency) Green Power Partnership. This means that their office is committed to use of green power, helping to reduce the risks associated with climate change by supporting technologies that are more sustainable for businesses and communities.

Protect Our Winters

Amer Sports, Atomic and Salomon joined a collaborative effort with over 92 global brands, 53 resorts, 50 professional athletes, 13 snow sports trade groups and associations and signed a letter to President Obama, to send him to Paris with their collective support. This was delivered to The White House in October 2015 to address climate change when the delegates met for the U.N. Climate Change Convention or COP21 in Paris.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Amer Sports conducts its corporate-wide carbon footprint annually and participates in the Investor Carbon Disclosure Program (CDP) in order to gain more understanding on the company’s carbon emission sources and estimate how to cut down emissions and improve efficiency. The annual global carbon footprint includes data on energy, travel, waste, paper, refrigerants and also water.