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We have defined the core themes concerning our sustainability work. We are especially focused on climate change, circular economy, sustainable procurement, and the supply chain.

These and other key topics are an outcome of the materiality assessment conducted as part of the renewal of Amer Sports’ sustainability strategy at the beginning of 2022. In the assessment process, we interviewed internal and external shareholders, such as employee representatives, customers, and civil society organizations. The materiality assessment helped us to identify areas that have a particular impact on Amer Sports and that are of interest to our key stakeholders.

In 2022 we set up several group-wide development initiatives to work on these material topics and are now creating roadmaps for the next steps. We expect to get the first results in 2022.

Amer Sports materiality


  • Climate change:
    • Own operations (GHG* emissions Scopes 1 & 2)
    • Value chain (GHG emissions Scope 3)
  • Circular economy:
    • Materials and design for recyclability
    • End-of-life and recycling
  • Biodiversity
  • Water

Social responsibility

  • Procurement and supply chain
  • Health and safety
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Community engagement


  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate ethics
  • Transparent reporting

* GHG emissions = greenhouse gas emissions. See the description of Scopes 1–3.