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Arc'teryx shoes

Tested by world-leading athletes in extreme conditions, our innovative products are loved and trusted by millions of fans around the world.

Product safety, quality, and design

Helping consumers develop and maintain more active lifestyles lies at the heart of our business. We are guided by a consumer-first mindset, and it’s of utmost importance to us that our products comply with the highest safety and quality standards.

Amer Sports products are designed with strict quality criteria in mind, and we continuously improve quality based on feedback. All our products meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements for product safety and labelling.

Quality specifications and quality assurance are an important part of our production processes. Our products are subjected to systematic quality control tests prior to and during production, and again before they are sold to customers.

Quality control is generally handled by Amer Sports’ own quality control personnel who perform extensive testing and inspection procedures. Furthermore, we require our third-party suppliers to conduct specific quality testing at each manufacturing site.

Material Compliance Policy

We apply the highest sustainability standards to the materials from which our products are made. Amer Sports’ Material Compliance Policy explains our expectations and requirements for materials, as well as the acceptable verification methods that we impose on our suppliers.

The policy applies to all Amer Sports brands and product categories, aiming to ensure that all our products are made of sustainable materials and that the chemical impact of production is reduced, from input to output. It outlines the materials and chemicals that can and cannot be used in our products and operations, based on factors such as restricted chemical substances, environmental impact in waste and wastewater, human health and safety, and ethical sourcing. The policy includes chemicals management, Restricted Substance List (RSL), Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL), testing and certification requirements, and our ethical sourcing requirements.


bluesign system partner logo

Amer Sports is a bluesign® system partner for its apparel. We adhere to the bluesign® Restricted Substances List (RSL) and the corresponding solutions throughout our sustainable processing and manufacturing.

To promote and maintain environmentally responsible practices that are beneficial to our customers, consumers, employees, and the communities in which Amer Sports and our brands operate, we joined Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) as a member in 2023. ZDHC is an initiative that aims at phasing-out of hazardous chemicals from the textile, apparel, leather, and footwear supply chains.