Supply chain transparency

Amer Sports’ global supply chain is a complex network with proprietary operations, supplier partners, and employees in different countries who all work diligently on our products. This creates job opportunities, but also human rights risks that we are proactively managing and mitigating.  

An ethical supply chain is comprised of ethical companies. That’s why we at Amer Sports are firmly committed to supply chain transparency. We are dedicated to working only with suppliers that meet all our standards for ethical operations and exceptional quality. 

We manufacture one fifth of our products ourselves and outsource approximately four fifths. A small percentage is partially outsourced. 

Our outsourced products are produced by qualified suppliers around the world, with a significant portion from Asia. Approximately one-third of Amer Sports’ production value is generated in China, while almost half is generated elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific, and the remainder in Europe and the Americas.  

We acknowledge that we are not perfect and are working rigorously to improve our performance regarding labor, working conditions, and environmental issues in our supply chain. Therefore, we monitor and improve the social, environmental, and material compliance of our global suppliers and are committed to remediating non-compliances in a timely manner. Depending on the severity of non-compliances, we reserve the right to terminate business relations with suppliers that do not collaborate in the remediation process. We apply the same standards, monitoring and improvement principles to our distribution centers, and wholly and partially self-owned factories alike.  

Our sourcing teams within brands and the Amer Sports Group are responsible for vendor qualification and product industrialization, contract management and price negotiations, procurement process optimization, and export administration.  

List of Amer Sports suppliers

To ensure the highest level of transparency, we publish a list of our major finished goods suppliers. The list also includes some indirect suppliers, such as direct material suppliers.