A tribute to female adventurers from Peak Performance

Mar 11, 2022 By Amer Sports team 1 min read

This International Women’s Day on March 8, Peak Performance launched the Trailblazer Edition, celebrating all female adventurers and trailblazers.

A hundred years ago, women conquered mountains in heavy ankle-length skirts. To pay tribute to adventure pioneers of the past, present and future, Peak Performance designed and launched the Trailblazer Edition, a capsule collection to empower the freedom to be adventurous.

The team also partnered up with the Finnish menstrual cup company Lunette to launch a menstrual cup and case for safer periods in the wild. The partnership is a call to break taboos and start an open dialogue about how periods shouldn’t limit women in everyday life.

Peak Performance invited consumers to test if the innovative cup makes their lives a bit easier when exploring the outdoors during their period. Development will continue based on their input and feedback. 261 consumers signed up for testing.

“Periods will always be around, but we can at least make sure that women have better options when heading out on adventures. For me, striving for equal conditions for everyone is a topic that is close to my heart”, says Sara Molnar, Brand President and CEO of Peak Performance.

To coincide with the launch, Molnar also shared her thoughts about the role of leadership in advancing inclusion and diversity on SGI Europe—Sporting Goods Intelligence:

“As a modern leader, diversity must be on your agenda; if everyone in your organization has the same background, the same opinions and experiences, you stop developing,” she says.

The entire Trailblazer Edition is inspired by modern mountain-loving trailblazers Hedvig Wessel, Kajsa Larsson, and Elisabeth Gerritzen. Read their thoughts below and learn more about the collection on peakperformance.com.

Hedvig Wessel

“Moving all day, sleeping outdoors, and not being able to dry your clothes is a huge challenge. This capsule collection tackles the challenge head-on. All garments dry fast and are truly packable.”

Kajsa Larsson

“I’m proud to be a part of the design process of this lightweight and packable collection. Fitting all the right layers in the bag and feeling light, that’s magic for any adventure.”

Elisabeth Gerritzen

“The Trailblazer Edition is everything you need, and nothing more — because we want to feel as light as possible out there.”