Peak Performance

Peak Performance was founded in Åre, Sweden, by two passionate skiers who quit their day jobs to pursue their dream of making the ski gear they couldn’t find anywhere else. Ever since the start, in 1986, innovation and breaking new ground have been fundamental to the development of their garments. Today, Peak Performance is a Sports Fashion brand serving every aspect of the modern lifestyle. Garments with a clear reason for being – their purpose, to endure all seasons, through any weather and fashion. To be durable and withstand physical challenges.

By looking into every detail: cut, fabric, function and performance, Peak Performance designs products that will take you places, move you seamlessly through your world for years to come. From iconic favorites to streetwear must haves. In the end, it’s all a strive for freedom and making the most out of every activity, every move, prepared for anything.

From slopes to streets, from bike to bar, from work to work out — this is Peak Performance.