Peak Performance is a founding member of The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action

Apr 28, 2022 By Amer Sports team 1 min read

Sweden and the Nordic region have a reputation for leadership in climate action and sustainable development.

Sweden’s long-term target is net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, at the latest. 

To contribute to achieving this goal, a leading Swedish non-governmental organization Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA), in collaboration with well-recognized apparel and textile companies and industry stakeholders, launched The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA).

STICA’s aim is to enable apparel and textile companies, as well as the entire Nordic apparel and textile industry, to reduce their climate impacts in line with the 1.5°C warming pathway, while strengthening their global competitiveness. Ultimately, STICA’s aim is to ensure that Sweden and the Nordic region do more than their share—well before 2050. STICA believes this is the only way to avert a climate crisis.

Together with over 40 Nordic apparel and textile companies, Peak Performance is, for the first time, disclosing the full scope of their emissions. This is an important step in terms of understanding what the focus should be in the coming years—and also for the commitment to transparency.

“We are running out of time. If we want to fight climate change, we must move quickly, effectively, and together. That is why I am proud that Peak Performance is one of the founding members of STICA. Through STICA, we will improve our business practices, collaborate with industry peers, and accelerate climate action for the entire industry,” says Sara Molnar, CEO, Peak Performance.

“The collaboration achieved in the STICA initiative in the last three years has been massive. Collecting the data in full Scope 3 is not an easy task, so having 40 brands delivering their first full emission report is huge. Well done all STICA members! Let’s continue this journey together and work to reduce our impact,” says  Åsa Andersson, Sustainability Manager, Peak Performance.

The Peak Performance team hopes its actions will inspire other companies to do the same; to use climate action as a prerequisite and driver for business transformation. That said, reporting and transparency are not the end goals. The focus moving forward will be on actions that will reduce company and industry emissions at the pace and scale required.

You can download the progress report on Sustainable Fashion Academy’s website.

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