Amer Sports reviews its global production and sourcing footprint to identify possibilities for improvements and to reduce its environmental impact.

To guide its Group-wide actions, Amer Sports has created environmental guidelines to outline the commitment to reduce the environmental impacts of its operations through the use of methods that are both responsible and economically sound. In addition, Amer Sports brands are responsible for their environmental actions, based on the common environmental guidelines.

Amer Sports measures its performance in environmental impacts with key performance indicators, and aims to continuously reduce the environmental impacts of its operations.

Amer Sports brands and categories have many approaches on how they work to reduce their environmental impact, based on their environmental policies defined in the ISO certifications. Salomon and Mavic have ISO 14001 environmental certification and ISO 50001 certification for the energy management system in their Design Center in Annecy, France. Suunto has ISO 14001 environmental certification for its headquarter and manufacturing facility in Finland, Vantaa. ISO 14001 standard provides a practical tool to manage environmental performance and it is based on the principle of continuous improvement of environmental performance by monitoring and controlling the impacts linked to the company’s activities. ISO 50001 standard supports organizations in all sectors to use energy more efficiently.

Precor has an Environmental Management Policy statement that has established objectives to identify the environmental aspects and significant impacts of its business, expanding its recycling program, leveraging innovative programs and achieving a zero landfill status, as well as the reuse of steel and aluminum in the production of machined components.